Cristian Anthis

Hearing Aid Dispenser

Motorcyclist riding on the roadCristian holds a California and Arizona Hearing Aid Dispenser License. Completing Dispenser Training under his father’s guidance and mentoring under Joe Dobrik (Starkey Lab Mgr.) and Richard Wagner (BiCros/Cros Guru) Cristian has been fitting the industry’s latest technologies for over 12 years. Cristian knows more than most about how important hearing conservation is. Cristian wears hearing aids himself. His hearing loss stems from a love of High Performance motorcycles and competitive trap and skeet shooting as a youth. Cristian’s family has been helping people hear better for over 45 years. As a Hearing Aid Dispenser Cristian understands how important it is to treat hearing loss early rather than the “I’ll just wait until it gets bad enough.” approach. Cristian’s own hearing loss gives him insights into using today’s incredible technologies to best help the patient. His hands-on, proactive user/dispenser work approach positively contributes to his patients success and future of better hearing. Cristian is a resident of Tucson, AZ and enjoys motorcycles, die cast vehicle collecting and gem/mineral hunting.